How to use 3D plants and typical tech questions

Our 3D plant models can be downloaded from our website as .blend and .FBX files without the need to unzip these files at all. 

.blend files can be either loaded in Blender with double-click or with ´drag and drop´ onto the viewport. 

Importing a plant in a Blender scene should ideally be done by using the “append” function and by selecting the ´object´ of the file:

Currently most of our 3D plant models are high poly models for offline-rendering. High poly models don´t mean that you cannot use them in engines like Unreal or Unity, since the FBX files import fine and can also be used there, just not for realtime projects at the moment.

We do plan to offer low poly models for realtime use as well in the future though.

Our 3D plants are available for:

  • Blender 2.82 or newer with support for Cycles and Eevee
  • FBX (2018 format) with textures embedded in the FBX files

Well, that was a tough decision, because we do have other formats available at , just not as subscription.

We decided to go for just two formats because it will mean that we can create better and more plants in less time.


Blender is a free software, so anyone can load models and use them without the need to pay for expensive 3D applications. And the Blender community is growing fast, with several million users worldwide. 


FBX is one of the most common 3D file formats which most of the other 3D applications is capable to import with textures and standard materials. It´s a very good base to adapt models to custom render engines and materials.



Questions about purchasing and payment

Credits is another form of currency for our VIZPLANTS online store. The reason to use credits is that they are easier to use for our customers since you can purchase and download plants more easily once you are logged into your website, without the need to go through any payment or checkout process anymore.

Every singe plant in the catalog is 25 CREDITS 

We wanted to make it simple for you to use VIZPLANTS and decided to offer all plants at the same price, not matter if it´s a large and complex tree with 3D scanned leaves and trunk or a simple grass model. 

Having a standardized pricing makes using VIZPLANTS much simpler. You only need to know the price of a plant once and you don´t need to think about it twice or calculate how much it would be for you in your real world currency.

Depending on your subscription plan the price for one plant with 25 credits is a value of about

1.25 € / ~US $1.50 (Freelance – Yearly)

up to

4.20 € / ~US $5.00 (Studio yearly)

We believe this is a very good price for a good 3D model.


Subscription means that you pay a fixed amount per month or year and receive a specific amount of credits in this period which are added to your overall credit balance.

You can cancel anytime, but you can keep your credits for at least 3 or 6 more months without the need to continue your subscription (´rollover period´). After this your credits will expire and you won´t be able to use them for any purchase anymore. 

Your previous downloaded plants will stay in your account forever, even after you cancelled your subscription or your credits expired.

No, we don´t sell credit packs. But you can easily cancel any subscription right after you purchased it and the credits will stay yours for 6 months before they expire. 

So, subscriptions don´t mean that you´re ´chained´ to vizplants for your life. 

Yes, of course. Every serious business has to offer proper invoices for any purchase, no matter if purchase privately or as a business.

After each order you´ll get an email that includes a legally correct PDF invoice which you can use for your accounting, financial institution, tax authority or anything else.

You can also always download a PDF invoice from your account. A button to download the PDF invoice can be found in your account in the ORDERS tab right next to your order or in the SUBSCRIPTIONS tab within your subscription detail page (VIEW) on the bottom right next to your order.

If you are located in Europe and you´re not a registered business, VAT tax will be added to your purchase order amount, since this is legally necessary. 

If you are located outside of the European Union, no VAT tax will be added, no matter if you´re a business or a private person.

EU businesses with a valid EU VAT ID can enter their ID during the checkout process and the VAT tax will be removed from the total amount.

We offer refunds for orders within 15 days after purchase ONLY if no credits have been used and no 3D plants have been downloaded yet.

Partial refunds are not possible, so refunds of orders where credits have been used up already.

We also don´t refund credits which have been accidentally used for wrong downloads.



Questions about license terms and usage

Yes, absolutely, as long as you use them according to the EULA – End User License Agreement. In short this means that

you are allowed to:

  • create images and sell them
  • create movies, animations, visual effects and sell them
  • create games and sell them

You are not allowed to:

  • sell, redistribute or package the 3D models, textures or parts of the 3D models (e.g. shaders) individually or as part of any other 3D scene or 3D product
  • use the 3D assets for anything that competes with the business of VIZPLANTS (like exploring 3D assets to create competitive products)

You can view the VIZPLANTS license terms and conditions here: 

End-User License Agreement

No, reselling or redistribution is not allowed.

Redistribution our 3D plants is expressly prohibited by our EULA, even in parts or modified. If you are interested in a license that allows reselling or redistribution, please get in touch with us and ask for a license offer.

Yes, you can use the downloaded assets as long as you´re still the same entity related to our EULA. This means if you would work for a company as employee while you had a subscription as Freelancer, you´re NOT allowed to use the assets in the new company. 

Also, if your revenue or funding goes beyond the limit of that specific subscription you paid for, you´re only allowed to use the assets if you upgrade to the next higher subscription plan.

If you subscribed as a freelancer with a revenue of $0 up to $100.000 (85.000 €) per year and you´re revenue or funding is higher than this we request you to change your subscription to the next higher subscription plan.

If you´re revenue goes down below a level of a subscription plan (e.g. your plan was PRO but your revenue is going to be below $100.000) you can change your subscription to the Freelance plan.

In both cases, please get in touch with us, so we can change your plan accordingly.

Unfortunately NO. You´re not allowed to distribute our plant models and parts of the models in any open source or CCO project. We might make exceptions in certain cases though. If you think you have a project that should include our 3D plants for free, please get in touch with us before distributing any plants!


Questions related to your user account

Changing your password can easily be done within your user account dashboard.

Just login to your user account, then select the tab ACCOUNT DETAILS and scroll down. You can change your password there. 

If you forgot your password for the login, you can reset your password here:

If you forgot your username, you can still login with your email. 

If you also forgot the email that you used to create the account, please send us a support request and ask for the username. In order to legally approve that you are you, we also need your address and the order number of your order (please check your emails). If nothing exists anymore, we´ll help nevertheless of course 🙂

What a pity that you don´t want to continue using VIZPLANTS. 

Cancelling a subscription is simple. Just login to your account, then go to the SUBSCRIPTIONS tab, then click on VIEW to see the subscription details.

On that details page you should see a CANCEL button that allows you to cancel the subscription.



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